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2016 Subaru BR-Z

Subaru BR-Z


Subaru BR-Z is a grand tourer sport coupe made by Subaru and Toyota and sold under Toyota, Subaru and Scion badge. It is sold under various names worldwide, like: Subaru BR-Z, Toyota 86, Scion Fr-S etc. As part of the Toyota line up this model is presented as the successor of AE86, with some influence of older sport models like 2000 GT and Sports 800. In Subaru line up this model’s name stands for B-Boxer engine, R-Rear wheel drive and Z-Zenith. Two years ago, new BR-Z Ts model was introduced, which is sold only on the Japanese market, it comes with more premium exterior and sport features, and one even sportier trim named BR-Z Ts GT. 
Subaru BR-Z Ts Car Statement
Subaru BR-Z Ts


2016 Subaru BR-Z will come with a great combination of sport car features and a modest price which qualifies it to be one of the most popular ‘’sport car for everybody’’ models.


We don't expect too many changes in the new model. One of the best things about this model is its ultra-lightweight chassis. This makes it faster and increases its fuel-efficiency drastically.  One half of the vehicles produced come in a blue color and are part of BR-Z’s Blue Series.  These vehiclkes also get little bit improved aerodynamics with front side and side rear under spoilers which gives them more dynamic look than the regular white paint models.
Subaru BR-Z Interior


We still don’t know the updates for the new model’s interior, but we believe there’s definitely going to be some since last year’s changes fit in really well with this model’s interior design. It comes with powerful looking blue trimmings, some of them made in Alcantra leather like seat side bolsters or part of the steering wheel wrapper. New model will come with carbon fiber central dash board introduced in last year’s model, as well as the day and night rear view mirror. Accept also carpeting with BR-Z logos on the floor.
Subaru BR-Z Engine


This is one of the weakest spots in the 2016 Subaru BR-Z. Last year's model came with similar solution in the performance segment and many drivers think that this model's engine is simply too weak. In 2016 BR-Z will come with 2,0 liter flat fur cylinder engine. It can deliver 200 horsepower and 150 pound feet of torque. This is much weaker than Corvette for example which is one of the biggest rivals for this model on American market. Standard version comes with rear wheel drive and it is possible to choose between manual or automatic six speed transmission. It can reach 143 mph which is its maximum speed and from 0 to 60 mph it can go in 6,3 seconds, which is kind of average for its class.

Price and Release Date

One of the best things about this model is its price. Base version can be bought for $25,595, which includes six speed manual transmission. Blue Series is more expensive and its last year’s price was $29,490. There’s not much information about the release date of this model, but we think it will arrive at the dealers in the end of 2015.
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Other Possible Options

There are a lot of competing models in this class, we’ll skip few most famous ones like Mustang or Camaro and recommend you to take a closer look on: Nissan 370Z Nismo, Dodge Charger and Mazda MX5 Miata.


There are a lot of prejudice about gay people being Subaru’s targeted audience with its support of the Rainbow Card program and campaign slogans, like that one from the 90’s that goes: ’’It’s Not a Choice, It’s the Way We Are Built’’. All this is true, but is just prejudice after all. Since sport cars are typically a guys thing, Subaru sport coupes are no different and give you the same macho look as you would expect from Mustang or Camaro. Same as the other sport cars BR-Z is a real chick magnet.


We haven’t seen this model in too many movies, only movie where you can see Subaru BR-Z is Fast and Furious 6 with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez. In Serbian language word BRZ means fast.

What Girls Think About Subaru BR-Z?

We asked around about this model and got a great feedback that will make all the BR-Z enthusiasts happy. One model-looking chick told us that she will definitely go out with the guy who drives this car, although that wouldn't be the prime motive in doing that... Or maybe it would, she looked really undecided about that. Another girl told us that this vehicle looks like those from Need for Speed and that it looks really nice on the outside. She said that the first words that came to her mind when she saw this car were: sable and Reliable.

Car Insurance Quotes for 2016 Subaru BR-Z

Unlike other sport cars, 2016 Subar BR-Z doesn't come with too high insurance rates. On nationwide average for the Premium version you would pay $1,366 and for the Limited version you would pay $1,422. Car insurance quotes for 2016 Subaru BR-Z get higher in states like West Virginia, New Jersey and California, while in Massachusetts or Ohio for example they are less expensive.

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