Monday, August 18, 2014


Friends, Romans, Countrymen...!!! Welcome to the completely different online car review web site. I'm saying web site because I have an ambition to turn this blog into a web site, the moment I collect enough money to pay for the domain name.

Why is this web site going to be different then the rest of the internet automotive community? It is because the guy who writes it is not going to bullshit you how much he gives a fuck about cars. I know and you know that car is an tool used for transport and making girls like you, as soon as people start treating it that way, we're all going to be better off, and we're going to enter the world of peace and prosperity. So this web site will come with some relevant technical information together with short analysis on how driving certain model will affect your public image. That's why I divided my car reviews into a few relevant segments:

Car statement
1. Short History- I noticed that in regular car reviews history of the model is largely neglected. I like old cars, and I'm generally interested in seeing in which ways did some vehicle change during its production. While I was writing car reviews for other web sites I introduced a new segment that deals with production history. This way it is easy to see the changes certain vehicle went through, to predict some new changes and updates and the see the whole continuum of one model, brand, or even whole car industry (especially when you write about some long lasting models like Ford F 150 for example).

2. Overview- This is the segment that gives you the full perspective of the model you are reading about. Here you will be able to read how different is certain model comparing to the ones made in previous model years, what is the general attitude of the public towards a new model, predictions on its future popularity etc.
Car statement

3. Exterior- This segment deals with exterior styling of model in question: tires, wheels, bumpers, wheel-arches, roof, windows, spoilers etc.

4. Interior- Heading tells for itself, interior design, comfort and features.
Car statement

5. Performance- Purely technical part of the car review, deals with power, acceleration, maximum speed, motor types and sizes etc.

6. Price and Release Date- For some new models it will be hard to predict prices so I will take a look on prices for the same model from previous years and tried to give a guess or two.

7. Other Possible Options- This segment will come with a comparison of the certain car model with its main rivals on the market.
8. Statement- Every car sends a certain statement and talks about the person who drives it. This section will analyze what does car in question say about the person who owns it.

9. Trivia- Some interesting stuff from the car history, songs about the car, movie appearances, celebrities who own it etc.
10. What do girls think about it- The most important section, since we all know that this is one of the main criteria when you choose which car you're gonna buy. So I will conduct a small poll on each vehicle and ask 10 of my female friends (hot ones only) what do they think about it, and I'll write the results of the poll here.

Vehicle on the pictures is one of the most popular cars from Yugoslavia, it was in production from 1971 until 2008. It is a car on which I passed my driving test and my favorite car of all times. RIP Stojadin.

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